September News


Our first event in August took place on a beautiful summer’s evening in Empingham.  Everyone who went enjoyed a delicious buffet & music; a chance for the ladies to dress up in a posh frock!!  Thank you Ann for organising this.


The pub night at the Lord Burghley was also on a lovely warm evening; we took advantage of cut price drinks & a chance to sit outside until late.


It was a little cooler for our visit to Tolethorpe open air theatre: in fact we sat with blankets on our knees!!  It was, however, nice enough for us to enjoy a delicious outdoor picnic; where we ate a veritable feast of salmon, pork pie, chicken, croissants & lots of other goodies.  All washed down with prosecco, ginger beer & tea!!  Thank you Diana for organising this, also Keith & Dee for securing us a picnic table.


There have still been very few offers to host events & if this doesn't change, the group may be unable to continue. I’m sure you will agree that this would be a shame as it’s good to be able to meet up, socialise & chat to different people.