August News


I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely summer sunshine; lets hope there’s more to come.


On a lovely sunny evening Nita hosted a meal at the Country Lounge in Morcott.  Everyone agreed that the food was delicious & there were lots of clean plates.  Those tempted by a dessert said they were also very tasty!  Thank you Nita.


On another fabulous sunny evening Gail was an excellent host for a scrumptious barbecue. Simon the chef was amazing; a-la-carte, cordon bleu, he had it all!  It was so warm we were able to stay outdoors all evening.  The sun definitely shone on the righteous!!  Thank you so much Gail & Simon, it was a great evening.

There have still been very few offers to host events & if this doesn't change, the group may be unable to continue. I’m sure you will agree that this would be a shame as it’s good to be able to meet up, socialise & chat to different people.