About us

The Rutland Optimists is a social activities and friendship group for people on their own who are looking for a lively social life and an opportunity to meet other singles in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The group is for singles aged over 40 who are unattached, be they single, separated, divorced or widowed. The group is centred geographically on Rutland and most events are within easy travelling distance of Oakham and Stamford.

The Group was founded in Oakham in 1991 and has changed and adapted over the years but still retains the core ethos of friendship and support. Many long-term friendships have been formed through the group and some members have met new partners. However, the group does not function as a dating agency.

Events take place every weekend and details are set out in a monthly newsletter and events programme which is given to all members. A regular monthly fixture is the ‘Club Night’ on the last Monday of every month (except on Bank Holidays, when it will be the Tuesday after) at Melbourn Bros, in Stamford. Events vary each month, but typically they can include meals out, parties, pub live music nights, pub darts and skittles nights: also theatre, cinema and concert trips, bowling evenings as well as Sunday walks followed by a pub lunch.